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Thought you have seen all the sights and visited all the museums in Kuching? Try taking our unique bike tour to explore the other side of Kuching, rarely visited by outsiders!

Discover the hidden gems of Kuching, The Malay Kampongs lining the banks of the great Sarawak River! Experience first hand how the Kampong folks live by visiting a traditional Malay wooden stilt house full of historical stories to tell!

Along the way, you can explore the vibrant and exotic open air market of Kubah Ria. Experience the vibrant color of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables, shop for local handicrafts at non-tourist price, and discover a whole range of jungle produce including unique wild ferns, exotic vegetables as well as orchid plants. For the adventurous, there is always snake meat and sago worms on offer to test the limit of one’s tolerance! The market is a must visit especially for weekend visitors. After the tour transfer back to your own hotel .

Note : Wear comfortable walking shoes, light clothing, Sarawak being in the tropics, it is advisable to dress light. Bring Camera for those unforgettable moments/ Swimming Suit/Bath Towel /Suntan Lotion/Sunhat



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